A Brief History of
Hindu Sabha

A Brief History of Hindu Sabha The year was 1975 when five visionary Hindus (also Founding Members) had a mission of preserving, protecting and promoting our Hindu Dharma, Sabhyata (civilization) and Sanskriti (culture) for many generations to come. They decided to register a charitable organization under the Name of Hindu Sabha.

From a humble beginning of organizing religious discourses, Poojas, Havans and Hindu festivals at people’s apartments and homes; and city centre library rooms, a farm property was purchased on highway # 10, near Derry Road in Brampton in 1978. Subsequent to this, with your support and donations Hindu Sabha acquired 25 acre land in Brampton on The Gore Road.

Over the years, the Hindu population of Canada started to grow rapidly. The devotees and volunteers at the time started soliciting funds to build a new temple on the newly acquired land. With donations from devotees and bank financing, the project to build this temple was embarked in 1992.

The year 1994 gave us much needed funds as we had to vacate our farm house on Highway 10 due to Highway 407 construction and the property was sold to the province of Ontario. We celebrated the opening of our new temple on 9225 The Gore Road, Brampton in 1994 with the Praan Prathista of Maa Jagdamba. Afterwards, other deities were installed with all the rituals in accordance with our Hindu Scriptures. These were performed by our Hindu Sabha priests and visiting Saints from India.

What you see today, a massive structure of about 34,000 SqFt. known as Hindu Sabha Temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in North America. It is the culmination of hard work of many donors, volunteers, priests and spiritual leaders visiting from India.

We are sure that with your continuous generous support, service and donations, we will be able to build many new facilities such as library, seniors’ homes and community hall etc. in the near future.

Jai Maata Di! 

At Your Service,
Boards of Directors and Trustees

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Acharya-Vasu dev Joshi Ji

Acharya - Abhay Dev Shastri Ji

Head Preist

Acharya- Phool Kumar Sharma ji

Acharya - Ajay Tyagi Ji

Acharya - Rajendar Prasad Ji

Acharya - Manoj Kumar Ji


Surinder Kumar ji Mandir Staff
Dharam Veer ji Mandir Staff
Ashok Paul ji Mandir Staff
Dinesh Kumar Mandir Staff

Board Of Management

Madhusudan Lama President
Kashmiri Lal Vice President
Virender Rathi Secretary
Abhishek Gupta Treasurer
Varinder Kumar Saili Programmer
Ram Murti Joshi Director
Vinod Aggarwal Director
Anil Sharma Director
Pawan Goyal Director
Mahesh Dhiman Director
Sunil Khanna Director

Board of Trustees

Rakesh Goenka Chair
Ghansham Vania Vice Chair
Rita Mago Trustee
Gurdeep Chauhan Trustee
Anil Jain Trustee

Women Empowerment Group

Kanika bhardwaj
Rita Mago (Chair)
Chaitali Gandhi
Anita Sharma
Minakshi Kapoor
Vandana Khanna
Monika Thukral
Nidhi Mohan
Puja Sharma
Daizy Kaushik

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